DEWALT heated jacket review

Introduction of DEWALT heated jacket review

The main thing I can state is Dewalt most likely has the more accurate fit of the considerable number of coats. While the others are still great, I feel like my XL coat fits more comfortble and runs more like a genuine XL. When I analyze each of the three coats styles, I need to state the Dewalt takes after to a greater extent a specialists coat.

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Working outside in the winter can be out and out severe. Freezing temperatures, biting winds and dangerous surfaces can consolidate to make your workday hopeless, best case scenario. DeWalt, known for their rough line of cordless devices, has collaborated with Radians Safety to create a line of tough, warmed coats.



DEWALT heated jacket review
DEWALT heated jacket review

I recently grabbed a DeWalt Heated Jacket with Zip-off sleeves. I figured I could utilize it both as a warm coat or as a vest with an external shell on icy, wet, awful days.

So far I’m inspired with the quality and warmth. It takes around 5 minutes for the coat to preheat. With outside temperatures in the 30’s, the low setting is bounty for me. Particularly in case I’m remaining dynamic and wearing a cap. The coat is in reality truly warm without the warmth so I would leave it turned off when physically working hard.

Specification  Of DEWALT DCHJ062C1-L 20V/12V MAX Camo Heated Jacket :-

Provides 7.5 hours of run time – This jacket offers up to 7.5 Hours of runtime with a compact 20V MAX Battery.

Maintains 4 heating zones which are run by LED controller- It features 4 heating zones which include L&R chest, mid-back and collar – all are run by a LED controller that has 3 temperature settings, plus a pre-heat function.

Battery stored in a efficient battery pocket- The battery is stored in an efficient battery pocket, that expands to accept Premium 20V MAX batteries.

Has routing ports for a usb cable The unit includes routing ports for a USB cable to reach from the battery pocket to the inner left chest for convenient cell phone charging.

Pros of DEWALT DCHJ062C1-L 20V/12V MAX Camo Heated Jacket :-

  •  This heated vest is constructed of a soft, water-resistant camo outer shell, and features 7 total pockets.
  • It  has a LED Controller with 3 temperature settings + Pre-heat function.
  • The jacket is amazing and very comfy.
  • Very nice coat by itself but using the battery even better.
  • Its better for the people who works outside as it will provide warmth and you can adjust the heat during low temperature.
  • It has a pre heat function which is really cool.
  • USB ports to charge any portable electronics.
  • Comes with one year warranty.



  • I have checked thoroughly still i did not find anything.


Is this the best jacket on the market?  Well it comes down to preference.  We love the look AND feel of this hooded jacket, it fits well and FITS in well on the jobsite. It is very conspicuous and doesn’t draw too much attention to you on the job.  If you own Dewalt batteries this is a great addition and you can’t go wrong. The fit is great and the four zones really warms you up.  With the ability to change the settings, it’s hard not to find the perfect temperature with this jacket.



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